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FREE MEMBERSHIP - [This is NOT a course] The Toolbox is Karina's private collection of resources on conscious communication, sex and relationships. Members of The Toolbox have access to an ever evolving collection of videos, articles, infographs and more! New content is added regularly. Karina studies and practices a philosophy called Relationship Anarchy, or RA. She considers RA the decolonization of relationships for modern times. The tools added here will be sex-positive, trauma-informed, queer-informed, kink informed, and ethical non-monogamy informed. For over a decade, these little gems have helped Karina and her clients become more aware, self-responsible and empowered in their intimate lives. They are now being compiling here so that more people can access these resources. If you'd like to make a donation to support Karina's efforts to continue to compile and share valuable information from a variety of sources, there is a Donation Box inside. NOTE: We do not own the rights to any of the content in this collection. We are not "selling" or promoting anything. The Toolbox is a collection of educational resources which can all be accessed for free on the web. Members of The Toolbox can also make requests for topics they want to see added here, and submit content links to be considered for addition to The Toolbox.

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