Sankalpa: The Yoga of Resolution & Manifestation


INTRODUCTION: A sankalpa is a powerful statement of intention. It's a declaration of a heart's deep longing, and is something we are 100% resolved to obtaining in the next 6-18 months. In this course you will go through a powerful internal process to get clear about what you really want or need, identify the obstacles, and write a statement to help break through the barriers of manifestation. Then you'll learn how to integrate your intention into your life. PART ONE: BIG MIND/BIG HEART PROCESS We'll begin with a group dialog process to distinguish between the voice of the True-Self and voices of the "parts" of the ego-mind. This simple exercise has provides powerful self-understanding and compassion, and effortless access to a meditative state.  PART TWO: SANKALPA WRITING FORMULA Goal setting often fails, because a single part of the ego-mind sets the goal. In the Big Mind we'll discover what might be blocking us from having what we long for already. Then, we'll build support into the statement itself using Karina's easy to follow four step process.

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