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Sankalpa & Yoga Nidra 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Online via Zoom

12pm-3pm EST - Big Mind & Sankalpa

4pm-5pm EST - Yoga Nidra

Whole program: $108

Just yoga nidra: $27

Karina Mirsky

We'll begin with a group dialog process to distinguish between the voice of the True-Self and voices of the "parts" of the ego-mind. Parts are identified with our experiences, beliefs, roles, and responsibilities. We'll listen to them to create a powerful resolution which can overcome their obstacles.

Participants report that this simple exercise has given them powerful self-understanding and compassion, and effortless access to a meditative state. 

Writing a Book

Sankalpa Part 2: Writing Workshop

A sankalpa is a statement, a short declaration of something we are 100% resolved to obtaining in the next 6-18 months. It can focus on any deep longing of the soul - career success, loving relationship, clarity around life's purpose, an attitude we want to adopt, or spiritual connection or commitment.

New years resolutions often fail, because a single part of the ego-mind sets the goal. In the Big Mind we'll discover what might be blocking us from having what we long for already. Then, build support into the statement itself.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a profound tantric practice of Yogic Sleep. It's a journey into the deepest levels of relaxation while still remaining fully aware. In this deep state of relaxation we deprogram layer of tension. The brain is open to suggestion. So, we'll implant the sankapla in the subconscious mind and connect with spiritual resources to help manifest it. 

If you are only attending this portion of the event, an empowering and universal statement will be offered for you to use. 



Sankalpa Part 1:
The Big Mind / Big Heart Exercise

shavasana 3.jpg

What you'll need for the whole program:

  1. a device you can type in the Zoom chat with

  2. a notebook & pen 

  3. a place to lay down comfortably for relaxation

  4. props for yoga nidra (see below)

  5. water or tea

Yoga Nidra FINAL.png

Preparing for Yoga Nidra

 Track #5 is the nidra used for this program. Keep it for $3.99!

  • Yoga Nidra is performed lying on the floor in shavasana or "corpse pose."

  • We recommend lying 1-2 thick blankets on top of a yoga mat

  • A small pillow or folded towel can be placed underneath your head

  • If you have back pain in shavasana, place a bolster, rolled blanket, or bed pillows under the knees

  • You may get cold during the practice, so feel free to cover up with a light blanket

  • Heavy eye pillows are not recommended. To block out light, gently drape a light fabric over the eyes

Registration Options

Full Program: 12-5pm EST


STEP 1: Complete Payment.

STEP 2: Register with Zoom. They will email you the link to the event.

Yoga Nidra (only): 4-5pm EST

STEP 1: Complete Payment.

STEP 2: Register with Zoom. They will email you the link to the event.

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