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Sankalpa Weekend

Fri. Dec. 7th: 6-9pm

Sat. Dec. 8th: 9:30-6pm

People's Church

Sankalpa: The Yoga of Resolution & Manifestation

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions; and why don’t they seem to last? How do we know what we really want? Why do we often sabotage our own success? How do we fulfill our deepest desires? 


In yogic thought, the “ego-self” forms habits and beliefs to help us cope with life’s circumstances. However, these same constructs can also hold us back from seeing clearly and living fully. By compassionately supporting the “ego-self” from the “True-Self, we can let go of fear, change unwanted habits, and invite love and success into our lives.


Goals of This Event:

  • Become aware of our heart’s deepest longing, and understand what limits us having it now.

  • Learn to differentiate the between the voices of the ego-self, and the wisdom of the True Self.


  • Write a shakti sankalpa or “power resolution” statement.


  • Embed that sankalpa into the subconscious mind through Yoga Nidra, and set a course to see our dreams come true.


Overview of the Event:

Friday night we'll learn about energetic anatomy and the nature of the subconscious mind. The asana class that follows will aim to "unlock the unconscious". Saturday we'll start with an asana class to  "access the wisdom of the heart," After lunch, we'll return for a "Big Mind" group dialog process. Then, we'll use the information gained to write our sankalpa statements. We conclude with a Yoga Nidra practice and closing circle.


Investment: $149
Event Postponed: 
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Winter Solstice Meditation

Thursday, December 20th


People's Church

Annual Winter Solistice Meditation 

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of sunlight. It marks the returning of the sun and the transformation of darkness into light. Many cultures revere the Winter Solstice as a sacred time to gather for meditation and ritual.


Karina whole-heartedly believes in the healing power of group practice. Over the last 13 years of running this event, she has witnessed the value of this sacred event and the lasting peace and joy it invokes.


Join Karina for a night of relaxation, chanting, meditation and candlelight ceremony. This is one of Sangha Yoga’s most popular annual events.


Preregistration reserves your place. You may also pay at the door if space allows.


Investment: $30 


Pre registration recommended.
$40 at the door


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