Winter Solstice 2019 Events 


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Meditation & Ceremony 

Friday, December 20th


People's Church

Winter Solstice-Eve: Annual Meditation & Ceremony


The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of sunlight. It marks the returning of the sun and the transformation of darkness into light. Many cultures revere the Winter Solstice as a sacred time to gather for meditation and ceremony.


Karina whole-heartedly believes in the healing power of group ceremony. Over the last 14 years of running this event, she has witnessed the value of this sacred event and the lasting peace and joy it invokes.


Join Karina for a night of relaxation, chanting, meditation and candlelight ceremony. This is one of Sangha Yoga’s most popular annual events.


Pre-Registration reserves your place. You may also pay at the door if space allows.


Pre-Payment: $30 / $40 at the door

Pre-registration recommended.

108 Sun Salutations

Saturday December 21st


People's Church

Winter Solstice-Day: 108 Sun Salutations for Charity!

Join Karina and ten other local yoga teachers to salute the sun 108 times in this community ritual for charity. 


Rejoice in the returning of the sun! We'll harness this shift in the Norther Hemisphere to invoke a more light, peace, and kindness in the world. 

Karina will warm us up with the first eight then each teacher will lead ten rounds of a Surya Namaskara of their choice. We'll end with Karina leading a shavasana and meditation. Breaks will be given between teachers and you can rest at anytime.

Preregistration reserves your place. You may also pay at the door if space allows.

Offering: $30. Pre-payment reserves your place.


Proceeds to Ministry with Community

Friday 12/20: 6pm-8pm 

Meditation (only)



Saturday 12/1: 9am-12pm
Sun Salutes (only)

Both Events (Both Days)
Discount is for Pre-Payment only:

$50 per person

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