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SYTT 200: Open Workshops 

Tier III Morning Practices: April 5-10, 2021 

Join us for in-person, live practice! Pre-registration strongly required. Space is limited.

At People's Church in Kalamazoo

Morning Practices

(Open to anyone)

  • 9:00am-11:45am (May run until 12pm)

  • Space is limited / masks required

Class Rates:​

  • Single session is $30

  • All six days for $150 (one free) 

  • Pre-payment guarantees your place

Morning Practice Themes

Tier III (April): Therapeutic Use of Asana

Mon     Core Strength

Tue       Low Back, Hips & Knees

Wed     Neck, Shoulders & Upper back

Thur     Chair Yoga & Joint Mobility   

Fri        Anxiety & Restlessness

Sat       Depression & Low Energy



Consider Attending These Sessions:

  • If you're unable to attend the full training

  • If you want a taste of what the full training is like

  • If you want to deepen your personal practice

  • If you just love ParaYoga or Karina’s workshops

  • You want to come back to yoga "magic school!"


Pay for Classes


  • Please pre-pay for the workshops you will take this week.

  • Your payment reserves your space in the classroom.

  • You can choose specific days, or all six to get one free.

Read COVID-19 Policies

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