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Retreats with Karina & Friends


Sacred Care Retreats 

Refill your cup! Step out of daily life to gain perspective and engage in meaningful self and community care. The focus of these retreats is to connect with our selves, nature, and other like minded people. With ample free time for spa treatments, site seeing and relaxation, this unique type of vacation nourishes the body and resets the mind. 


Yoga, Service & Adventure 
Expand your world! We travel to a new exotic destination each time to immerse ourselves in the indigenous culture and sacred sites. In addition to daily yoga and meditation sessions, we also engage in a humanitarian service project to give something back to the region we are visiting. Optional tours and excursions make this a customizable adventure too!

Yoga Mindset Retreats

Be nourished in learning! In this educational retreat, participants will be immersed techniques to access their calm, steady center of Self. They will gain powerful insights into their own reactions, emotions and behaviors; and be equipped with new skills to stay centered. Retreaters will also leave with tools to up-regulate or down-regulate their nervous systems.

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Yoga Mindset Retreat at the Pyramids in Florida

April 22-29, 2023

Karina has spent years searching the US for a domestic retreat location. She found the Pyramids in Florida in 2021 and fell in love with the energy of this uniquely healing place. Join her to soak in the mineral lake, walk on the naturopathic barefoot path, and cultivate the Yoga Mindset amplified by the power of the pyramids! This is a self-catering retreat. It gives you complete autonomy over your diet and cost of food making it out most affordable retreat option!

Spring 2023

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