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Live Web Classes 


Each off-site training month will have a two-hour live on-line class. Participation in all web meeting hours is required. The Zoom video calls will be recorded in case a call cannot be attended live. The schedule of dates and times of webinar meetings will be provided before the first tier.

2019 Registration Open: Apply Here

Sangha Yoga RYT500 Teacher Training Program 

This 300 hour advance training program is held in Kalamazoo, Michigan and online. It is hosted by Senior ParaYoga® Teacher, Karina Ayn Mirsky with exceptional guest faculty presenters. This program is open to anyone who has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program and is looking to deepen their knowledge and, or practice of teaching yoga. After completion, participants are eligible to register for RYT500 status with the National Yoga Alliance. 


About this 300 Hr. Program


This holistic training aims to guide yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners into a refined understanding of the art and science of Tantric Hatha Yoga. The framework of this training is rooted in Rod Stryker's ParaYoga and the Himalayan Tradition. (Click here to learn more about our approach to practice.)


During our immersion sessions and live calls we'll delve into the authentic teachings of
Classical Yoga, Veda and Tantra.  Learn to apply yoga and meditation practice to
the unique needs of individuals and groups. Another goal of this training is to provide
yoga teachers with the tools to increase their earning potential. Practicums will include
how to structure yoga workshops, as well as how to develop private sessions. 


Since the participants in an advanced training are already teachers with unique
knowledge, this training is designed to be a co-creative learning process. In order to
expand our growth as both practitioners and teachers, we'll engage in:


  • asana, pranayama & meditation practice

  • systematic relaxation & yoga nidra

  • small group exercises & teaching practicums

  • the development of workshops & private sessions 

  • monthly online lectures & discussions

Format & Daily Schedule: 2019-2021

  • Six (on-site) Training Tiers:

    • Wednesdays: 6pm-9pm

    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9am-6pm (with lunch break from 12:30-1:30pm)

    • Sundays: 9am-12pm

  • Monthly Live Web Classes: (2 hours each)


On-SiteTraining Dates


Tier 1: October 16 –20, 2019

Tier 2: February 5 - 9, 2020
Tier 3: May 20 – 24, 2020
Tier 4: October 14 – 18, 2020

Tier 5: February 3 – 7, 2021
Tier 6: May 12-16, 2021


Registration Requirements


  • the completion of any 200 hour RYT yoga certification program

  • two years minimum of yoga practice is required, one year of teaching experience is recommended.

  • it is recommended for applicants to have studied with Karina either in person or online before enrolling in this course, to make sure this is the program they want to commit to. (contact Karina with questions)


Application & Fee

  • the $150 Application Fee is due at the time of application and will be deducted from the total balance.

  • If SYTT200 Grads pay in full at the time of registration, the application fee is included in the full tuition payment.

  • Download the application and pay application fee here



Tuition Payment Options & Discounts


SYTT200 Graduate Full-Payment Discount: $3500

  • For graduates of the SYTT 200 hour program only

  • Must be paid in full at the time of application

  • No application required. 


Early Registration Full-Payment Discount: $3650

  • Must be paid in full at the time of application

  • Application and payment must be received by: May 15th 2019

Regular Full-Payment Tuition: $3950

  • Submit the $150 application fee with your application

  • Balance must be paid in full on or before the first day of Tier 1


Payment Plan Tuition: $4250

  • Submit the $150 application fee with application 

  • Pay $2200 on the first day of Tier 1 

  • Pay $1025 on the first day of Tier 3

  • Pay $1025 on the first day of Tier 5



  • One $1000 and one $500 Scholarship are awarded in each training section.

  • Applicants must write an essay outlining:

    1. What yoga means to you,

    2. Your financial situation and need,

    3. Why you want to teach yoga,

    4. A "Karma Yoga" proposal or how you plan to "pay it forward" in your community once their training is complete.

  • Scholarship applications are due along with the training application. Due to a high number of applications, it is recommended that scholarship applicants apply 3-4 months in advance. Contact us for more information.


NOTE: all discounts apply to the training fee after the Application Fee has been paid. 


Open Practice Sessions
Open to the Public for Drop-In:​
  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday of each tier

  • 9:00am-12pm (or 12:30)


Consider Attending Just These Sessions:
  • If you unable to attend the full training

  • If you want a taste of what the full training is like

  • If you want to deepen your personal practice

  • If you just love ParaYoga or Karina’s workshops!


Drop in Sessions Rates:
  • Single session: $40

  • All three sessions in one tier: $100

  • All training sessions: $500


hand on heart_edited.JPG
Open Practice Themes
Tier 1: Energetic Effects of Poses

Th        Backbends/Laterals
Fri        Forward Bends/Inversions
Sat       Twists

Tier 2:  Regions of the Body

Th         Core
Fri         Upper Body

Sat        Lower Body

Tier 3: Working with Prana

Th         Apana Vayu
Fri         Samana Vayu
Sat        Pran Vayu

Tier 4: Bandha, Nadi & Kundalini

Th        The Three Bandhas
Fri         The Three Nadis       

Sat        Agni & Kundalini

Tier 5: Yoga Sutra: Working with the Mind: 

Th        Yoga Sutra 1
Fri        Yoga Sutra 2 
Sat       Yoga Sutra 3 


Tier 6: Bhagavad Gita: Light of the Soul

Th         The Field & the Knower of the Field 

Fri         The Divine Light Within

Sat        Love: Action, Service & Devotion





People's Church

1758 N. 10th St.

Kalamazoo Township, MI 49009


Conveniently located right off the 131 ramp on West Main (M43)



A "host home" may be available for those traveling in from out of town, but rooms are limited and not guaranteed. 
Contact Rhonda Egidio for a minimal room rental fee in a large historic home.

What to Bring
  • Yoga Mat

  • 8 foot Yoga Strap

  • Water Bottle

  • Notebook & Pen

  • Required Refrence Books (i.e. Yoga for Wellness)

  • Bolster (if you have one and can travel with it. A few will be on site.)

Required References


TIER 1. Yoga for Wellness, by Gary Kraftsow


TIER 2. Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bihar School

TIER 3. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (either): ​


TIER 4. An Ordinary Life Transformed, by Rev. Stephanie Rutt



Suggested References


Yoga & Ayurveda by David Frawley: useful in Tier 1 and Tier 2


Practical Yoga Psychology, Bihar School:  useful in Tier 2


Parts Work, by Tom Holmes: useful in Tier 3 and Tier 4.


The Perrenial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita, Swami Rama: useful in Tier 4






Provided by the School
  • 4 inch foam Yoga Blocks

  • Mexican Blankets

  • Backjack Chairs (and standard chairs)

  • A few Bolsters 

  • Sandbags (for breath training)

  • Training Manual 



Director: Karina Mirsky, BBA, MA, ERYT


Guest Presenters May Include:
Kathy Ornish, BS, MFA, E-RYT

Bernie Rosen, PhD, RYT

Kara Aubin, ERYT, AYS

Jennifer Langeland, PhD
Jim Bennitt, ERYT

Kristin Luna Ray, RYT
Kristin Nabozny, PT, NMT, RYT

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