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Yoga Teacher Certification Programs 

With so many options, how do you know which YTT program is right for you? For many, the most important consideration is the quality of the educational program itself. If fate brought you to this page, you have the opportunity to train with one of the best educators in the yoga industry. But don't just take our word for it. Our director, Karina Mirsky has been training yoga teachers since 2004; studios all over the USA and abroad hire her to present in their YTT programs. In 2008, she was named one of the Top Famous American Yoga Teachers by Yoga Journal. You can also read testimonials by our graduates. (Learn more about Karina below.)

Sangha Yoga Institute is committed to being an inclusionary and accessible learning environment. We welcome you, however you identify in this world. We want to see you. We want to support, uplift, and empower you. We believe you deserve to shine. So believe in yourSELF, and sign up for a SYTT today!

Yoga Session


Sangha Yoga Institute is teaming up with Rootead Enrichment Center to offer an anti-racist, trauma informed, equitable and lineage based yoga teacher training in Kalamazoo in 2022!

Karina Ayn Mirsky & Kama Tai Mitchell will be your guides and allies on this deeply holistic empowerment journey. In the self-transformation process, you will gain an embodied understanding of how to facilitate individual and collective healing. You'll also be able to earn money teaching group classes, and private sessions.

Head Stand Pose


Join Karina and Yogi Arron for 28-day immersion trainings at Blue Osa in Costa Rica!

Yogi Aaron is the founder of "Applied Yoga Anatomy" using (MAT) Muscle Activation Therapy for a cutting-edge and therapeutic approach to practice. Karina specializes in the energetic, social and psycho-spiritual aspects of yoga. Both are lineage informed and teach directly from scripture.


RYT 200 programs run every October. RYT 300 trainings run every other July.



Yoga Mindset Coaching™

Yoga Teachers and healers, do you long make a bigger impact in your students lives? Ready to make more money doing what you love? Want to work from home online? Then Yoga Mindset Coaching may be for you!


YMC Basic Training program is based on the best selling book: Make a Difference & Make a Living Teaching Yoga.  After Basic Training, you can decide to go on to full certification.

Karina Mirsky, BBA, MA, ERYT

Karina has practiced yoga since childhood and has been teaching since 1998 and training teachers since 2004. Karina also holds degrees in Business Management and East/West Psychology. She is an adjunct professor of Yoga Studies at two universities, and served as a faculty member of the Himalayan Institute for six years. Karina has also studied intersectional feminism, curriculum design, and learning theory. She is a passionate and compassionate, as well as, an experienced and skillful educator.


Karina closed Sangha Yoga studio in 2014 to travel to other centers to train teachers most of the year. But once a year, she runs a program in Kalamazoo out of People's Church. Don't miss the chance to get certified by her. Read what our graduates have to say HERE.


Karina is also the founder of Yoga Mindset Coaching™. In May 2019, she published Make a Difference & Make a Living Teaching Yoga: The Secret to Transforming Lives While Supporting YourSelf.  Get it on Amazon.


Karina has been featured in numerous publications and presented in several conferences. Below are features of, interviews with, podcasts, and articles by Karina Ayn Mirsky. In December 2012, she graced the cover of Yoga International.

(Yoga for Disabilites)

(Podcast- Yoga of Manifestation)

(Moon Salute article, many videos)

(Yoga of Relationships)

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(21 Top Famous  Yoga Teachers)

(100 Trailblazers)

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