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SYTT 200 Program Application & Payment Options

Application Instructions

Applications should be received 30 days before the start of the first tier of a new training program.


Step 1: Download the application (go to the upper right corner to enable editing)

Step 2: Complete the form

Step 3: Choose "Save As" - save as: YTT 200_Ap_YourName

Step 4: Email the form to

Step 5Pay the $250 non-refundable application fee, (counts toward tuition).


1) Submit the Application Form:                      



Payment Options

Early Bird Cash Discount: $2750

  • Application and $250 deposit must be received by June 30, 2020

  • The $2500 balance must be paid in full, in cash, on first day of training

Regular Tuition: $3000​

  • Submit the $250 application fee, (above)

  • Pay $2750 balance with cash or check on the first day of training, or pay with Paypal here:

Tuition Paid in Installments: $3400

  • Submit the $250 application fee at the time of application 

  • Pay $1500 on the first day of Tier One 

  • Pay $825 on the first day of Tier Two 

  • Pay $825 on the first day of Tier Three


Note: Missed payments may result in termination of participation in the program or withholding certification.




Refund Policies


  1. All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if by the unlikely chance the applicant is not accepted to the program.

  2. Application Fees are non-refundable. The school offers an option of transferring the application and will retain it for one year.

  3. Any tuition pre-paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested before the start date of the training.

  4. Tuition is non-refundable after the start of the training. If a participant drop's out of the training, the tuition will be retained for one year and the participant can finish the training with the next section.

  5. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of request.

2) Pay the Application Fee: (at the same time)