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SYTT Location

Sangha Yoga Training School

People's Church

1758 N. 10th St.

Kalamazoo Township, MI 49009


Conveniently located right off the 131 ramp on West Main (M43)


A "host home" may be available for those traveling in from out of town, but rooms are limited and not guaranteed. Contact Rhonda Egidio for a minimal room rental fee in a large historic home


What to Bring

  • Yoga Mat

  • 8 foot Yoga Strap

  • Water Bottle

  • Notebook & Pen

  • Required Reference Books (i.e. Yoga for Wellness)

  • Bolster (if you have one and can travel with it. A few will be on site.) 


Provided by the School
  • Training Manual

  • 4 inch foam Yoga Blocks

  • Mexican Blankets

  • Backjack Chairs (and standard chairs)

  • A few Bolsters 

  • Use of full kitchen

What to Bring
Required Reading
Books to Purchase

Required Reading

The Heart of Yoga, by TKV Desikachar  - (Book Report 1)

Yoga for Wellnessby Gary Kraftsow  - (Used in T1 & T2)

Yoga Anatomy, by Leslie Kaminoff - (Used in T2)


Choose One More - (for a 2nd book report)

Make a Difference & Make a Living Teaching Yoga, by Karina Mirsky

The Art of Joyful Living, by Swami Rama  

Yoga & Ayurveda, by Dr. David Frawley  

Moving Inward, by Rolf Sovik

Parts Work by Tom Holmes

Overview of the Training Tiers

Tier One: Self Transformation

Gain understanding of the six categories of yoga postures and their physical and energetic benefits. Engage in empowering self-inquiry as we study the philosophy and psychology of yoga. This tier is so profound for people that it is also sold a stand alone program.

Tier Two: Becoming a Guide to Others

Learn how to customize yoga practice for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Gain a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Become confident in reading student bodies and making hands on adjustments and using props to modify for different abilities and limitations.

Tier Three: The Empowered Leader

Explore the therapeutic application of yoga practice. Learn how to address pain, strength and mobility in different areas of the body. Engage in important discussions around the business of yoga, ethics, inclusion, and the role of a yoga teacher in society. 

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